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A world first advance in cancer support for men with prostate cancer online

PROSTMATE is an online platform which provides, amongst other things, men with prostate cancer and their families access to an online tailored support system. Members also have the opportunity to participate in interventions that will enhance their wellbeing and provide vital research information to shape the future care of men with prostate cancer.

The need for this revolutionary online clinical system was driven by men with prostate cancer who experienced limited access to tailored information and clinical support during their difficult prostate cancer journey.

The user experience begins with the personalisation process when a new user signs on and becomes a Member. The PROSTMATE platform includes:

  • a central space to find information tailored to the stage where a patient is at;
  • a section to log treatments, appointments and results;
  • a system that asks the user how they are to monitor their progress over time; and
  • a portal to have ‘virtual’ consultations with clinicians and allied health professionals.

The program came about as a result of research conducted by Australian Prostate Cancer Research which identified a significant unmet need among men and their families in dealing with a prostate cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment.

Virtual or telehealth consultations are a key point, given the studies around men not seeking care. PROSTMATE has also identified rural patients as particularly in need of the platform. Men living in rural and remote areas can find it difficult to access the right clinical advice and support. PROSTMATE makes this support easily accessible to all those who need it, no matter where they live.

PROSTMATE is the result of a national collaboration involving leaders in each discipline of prostate cancer. It was developed with the assistance of philanthropic donations and trusts. The coordinating organisation Australian Prostate Cancer Research is a national body established to deliver national, collaborative research programs that will make a real impact in the lives of men with prostate cancer: www.australianprostatecentre.org.au

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